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Precision Agricultural Drone Spraying Service

XAG Australia provides precision agricultural services utilising the latest aerial and ground-based technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions geared to industry. Our experts can deliver precision agriculture solutions, designed to provide your business with low-cost, innovative farming practices.

Innovative Farming Methodology: Cutting Edge UAV Platforms

Drone based liquid dispersal combines low waste with high accuracy spraying saving you time, money and product. Upgrading pesticide spraying has never been this easy or convenient for large-scale farmers on the field.


Faster Application



Cost Reduction

  • Proven to be faster than traditional methods in spray applications 

  • Intelligent control that records the status of the service to ensure precision application for every project.

  • Precise navigation at centimetre-level 
    Micron level droplets are pushed and flung out from the rotary spraying disc to evenly adhere to the surface of crops. Droplets are enhanced by optimized downdraft from the system’s propellers, as such a mechanism reduces drifting significantly.

  • Cover larger areas in less time reducing labour, time costs and chemical usage
    Utilising the rotary atomising spraying system, the drones secures farm produce quality while protecting the environment by reducing 30% of pesticide use and 90% of water waste.

Drone Service Like No Other

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have become essential equipment for Australian Farming. Drone-based agricultural spraying allows a single user to accurately target treatment areas in a short timeframe.

The advantage of XAG's platforms and drone service are their ability to tackle harsh and complex environments that traditional ground-based or aerial spraying cannot approach, keeping you safe and working when everything else stops.

Targeted spraying allows you to use fewer chemicals and less water while keeping users safely out of harm’s way.


What Is Agriculture Drone Spraying?

Agricultural drones are transforming the way farming is being carried out. Nowadays, while the demand is set to grow, farmers must consider a variety of complex factors which will impact the success of their agriculture businesses or farms, ranging from the water access to soil quality, rainfall patterns, temperature, changing climate, wind, the presence of weeds and insects. Farmers must continue to innovate to improve and maintain productivity to meet the demands. 

Digital technologies such as agriculture drone spraying have considerable potentials to provide farmers with all the required data to seize the opportunities for growth and meet these challenges. Consequently, farmers are reaching out to agricultural drone technology to help mitigate these problems.

Benefits of Agricultural Drone Spraying

Cost Savings

Precision control systems target your chemical application and pesticide spraying to exactly where you need it. Save yourself time and chemical costs.

Scientifically Proven

XAG technology has undergone wind tunnel testing to ensure minimal spray drift above and beyond industry standards.

Pest and Disease Control

Control critical invasive species and noxious weeds to ensure production. Biosecurity and Disease control at the touch of a button.


The Future of Agriculture is Now

Modernize your agriculture operation. Ensure that you keep pace as the future of smart-farming explodes into mainstream.

A Response to the Bushfire Crisis in Australia (2019-2020)

Record-breaking temperatures and long periods of drought triggered a series of massive bushfires across the country. Farmers from all over are trying to speed up their recovery and hoping to turn it into a bountiful harvest. Some have been successful and were able to accomplish this with crop spraying drone use in addition to improving weather conditions.

Current Adaptation of Aerial Spraying Solutions (2020-Present)

Aside from aerial spraying, seeding, watering, and surveying, agricultural drones are now being used for treatment of weeds, pests, and even crop diseases. Using UAVs allows more control over damage and infection prevention. Traditional spray rigs spray wide crop areas even if a single plant is found unhealthy. Drones can spot the problem areas and isolate spraying to a specific section only.

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More than just a service provider, XAG is also one of the leading drone manufacturers worldwide.

XAG enables Australian farms access to cutting-edge and innovative Agricultural drones.  Decades of experience utilising UAV technology worldwide provide with you the best products.


What Makes XAG Australia the Best Drone Manufacturer?

There are many reasons to choose XAG as your agricultural drone supplier. Aside from our flexible financing options for both UAVs and UGVs, we also take pride in our premium line of smart farming products that can be easily used by both beginners and more experienced farmers.


Additionally, our wide range of products and services is designed to meet the needs of farmers and other agricultural professionals. You can buy your equipment from us, have us maintain and repair them as necessary, and even hire us to operate your drones if you need more people in various locations.

What XAG’s Spraying Drone Service Can Do for You

Not everyone has the budget for the best and latest agricultural drones. As such, we offer drone spraying services to help farmers get access to the benefits without fully investing in new equipment. Make your farming process more efficient with quality drone spraying services from industry leaders at XAG. Here's what we can do for you:

Pesticide Spraying

Lessen chemical wastage with a more precise application to reduce negative environmental impacts.


Water your crops in larger batches and in less time.





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