Commercial Agricultural Drone Financing: What You Need to Know

Drone financing made easy. XAG offers you flexible drone finance options on all agricultural units.

Join the smart agriculture movement by purchasing your first commercial agricultural drone today. XAG Australia makes drone financing accessible to customers with flexible drone finance options. We make drone finance in Australia possible through our premium insurance partnerships. Choose from a wide selection of finance packages that suits any budget.


​If you want to finance your next drone product, or invest in your first ever commercial agricultural drone, call us at +61 2 9168 7918 for more information. You can also submit an enquiry through the form below and provide us with your expected loan amount so we can provide you with your best options.

Agricultural Drone Financing FAQs


What products can be financed?

Financing is available for all XAG Drone and equipment items.

Is a down payment required?

No deposit or down payment is required. However, if a client wants to contribute a deposit, they are welcome to do so. In some cases, this may even strengthen their application.

Is financing done in-house or through a financing company?

Independent Finance (IF) Group is a privately owned and fully licenced finance brokerage with aggregation via the ASX listed Macmillan Shakespeare Group. IF has access to over 25 specialist lenders to source the most suitable loan agreement for each commercial drone financing client depending on their needs and profile.

What are the available finance packages and terms?

The finance available is either a commercial chattel mortgage or operating lease. In the case of clients who do not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), we can arrange a consumer personal loan.

Terms can range from 24 months to 84 months depending on client requirements and credit profile. The repayments rates will be dictated by the credit profile of the client and the drone price. The IF Group has access to over 25 commercial asset finance and consumer loan lenders, so our repayments will be the most competitive available in the market.

Are there any other fees to be paid?

Loan establishment cost will vary depending on the ultimate lender. All loan establishments costs are talked through with the prospective client prior to their acceptance of the loan. Your approved drone budget is likely to be inclusive of drone pricing plus processing and shipping fees.

What are the forms of payment available?

The client enters into fixed cost fixed term loan agreement either commercial or consumer. Repayments can be made via direct debit from a nominated account.

Do I need to come to the store to process my application?

Application and signing of loan can all be completed electronically and remotely. Where possible (outside of the COVID situation), we prefer to meet with clients in person to ensure that they are comfortable with all aspects of the loan agreement and with whom they are dealing.

What’s the usual timeline from application to approval and eventually release of the unit/s?

From receipt of information from the client, we can usually have an approval in place within a few business days. This is not a multi week process.