Geek Farmer Annual Special Edition Vol. 44


Six years ago, prepared to make a difference, XAG knocked on the door of smart agriculture with drones. Today, XAG products and services have a presence in 6 million small farming households across 42 countries. From the wineries in South Australia and the Northern Wilderness in Heilongjiang to the orchards in California and the cotton fields in Aksu of Xinjiang, over 25 million hectares of farmland have embraced intelligent production brought about by our devotion to technology. As of 2019, thanks to the popularity of XAG agricultural drones, 30,000 and more villages in China have enjoyed access to state-of-the-art precision pesticide application technology. Every day around the world, farmland covering a total area of 200,000 hectares are offering more assured and standardized services because of XAG. As the company reaches increasing sophistication in both technology and product offerings, the dream that all XAG employees dream together will become reality: to put more food and safer food on people’s tables; and make every farmer committed to scientific cultivation to have fair returns and recognition.

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