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Drones to bring Sunlight for Greenhouse for Winter Season

Australia is now amidst of a dry and rainy autumn and will soon enter short daylight winter within a month. In Bundaberg, Queensland, farmers are now adopting XAG’s agricultural drones for a rooftop clean-up, to wash away the shading paint applied to their greenhouses earlier in this summer.

Whitewash is a paint-like agent that covers the top of greenhouses, preventing extra UV exposure, providing good shading and temperature reduction for the plants during summer. However, the shading must be removed before winter to enable more lights to enter the greenhouse, otherwise the plants won’t get enough sunlight and temperature to grow healthily.

Shading remover used to be manually sprayed by farmers.

To remove the shading paint, farmers need to apply paint remover to the roof of the greenhouses. Manual application, such as standing on rooftop with a cleaner, could be one of the options. But this way of working is less precise, lower efficiency and brings along more security risks.

With an Custom module, the Aircraft is also capable of vertical spray

This autumn, our operators has worked with local flower groups to provide roof cleaning services via agricultural drone. By applying the remover agent evenly on the greenhouse roof surface, drone equipped with precision spraying technology reduces 60% of the total compound usage.

Moreover, one single drone can easily complete the job within half a day, which usually takes 2 days to finish by human labour, bringing a lower cost in labour but higher efficiency to local farmers.

XAG drones take off for greenhouse whitewash spraying.

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