B12800Q XAG P-Series Smart Battery

B12800Q XAG P-Series Smart Battery

SKU: 09-017-00011

P-Series Smart battery features upgraded battery cells and XAG Battery Management System (XBMS), providing up to 10 minutes of mission time, servicing area up to 2 ha per mission. All XAG P-Series Smart Batteries have additional self-balancing and self-heating functions to increase battery life and efficiency and ensuring stable operation during the low-temperature environments.


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  • Technical Specifications (Battery)

    Model B12800
    Battery Type Lipo
    Dimension 183mm * 137mm * 302mm 
    Net Weight 5.4 kg 
    Rated Capacity 18000mAh (800Wh) 
    Voltage 44.4  V 
    Discharge Current 80 A 
    Discharge Power 3000 W 
    Discharge Temperature 10°C to 55°C 
    Charging Voltage 50.4V
    Charging Current 15A
    Charging Power 750 W 
    Charging Temperature 10°C to 45°C 
    Operating Temperature -10°C to 45°C 
    Operating Humidity 30 to 80 %RH 
    Storage Temperature -10°C to 30°C 
    Storage Humidity 30 to 50 %RH 
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