XAG XRTK3 Rover (2018 System)

XAG XRTK3 Rover (2018 System)

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Real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning is a satellite navigation technique used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems (global navigation satellite systems, GNSS) such as GPS, P-Series UAV integrated with GNSS RTK is an quad copter UAV that were developed by XAG to achieve precision agricultural application, and requires RTK Referencing to achieve centimeter level precision. With anti-magnetic interference ability, it allows P-Series to keep a steady flight even in complex geomagnetic environments such as Mining area, and high-voltage power line





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  • In the box

    • 1 x GNSS XRTK3 Ground Module
    • 1 x GNSS RTK Extension Rod (B4100)
  • Technical Specifications (Ground Module)



    DC Input

    5.8V       1.5A

    Signal Tracking

    GPS                     L1/L2

    GLONASS           L1/L2

    BEIDOUE            B1/B2

    Horizontal Positioning Accuracy

    1cm + 1ppm

    Heading Accuracy

    ± 0.4°

    First Time Positioning Duration

    Cold Boot:          < 50s

    Warm Boot:        < 35s

    RTK Input

    RTCM 3.2

    Radio Frequency

    925 to 928 MHz

    Raido Frequency Range

    3km LOS

    Radio Receiving Sensitivity


    Radio Maximum power output



    LTE FDD Band 1/3


    8 POP PINS

    Operating Temperature

    -40°C to 85°C

    Storage Temperature

    -55°C to 95°C


    BT 4.0LE

  • Technical Specifications (Extension Rod)



    Battery Type

    Lithium Polymer Battery


    45 * 45 * 1166mm

    Net Weight

    1.2 Kg

    Rated Capacity



    14.4 V

    Discharge Current

    1.0 A

    Discharge Temperature

    -10° to 45°

    Charging Voltage (USB Type-C)

    12.0 V

    Charging Temperature

    10° to 45°

    Storage Temperature

    -10°C to 35°C

    Storage Humidity

    30 to 50 %RH

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