XCAM 2000s MultiSpectral Camera
  • XCAM 2000s MultiSpectral Camera

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    XAG® XCam® MultiSpectrum

    Remote Sensing to Facilitate Precise Decision-making

    With XCam MultiSpectrum camera, 4-spectrum HD crop images can be captured as well as HD RGB images. The NDVI map aligned in pixel level can facilitate on-site agriculture decision making. The farm prescription map generated by XAI can be applied directly to the XAG P series UAS for autonomous plant protection operation.


    Equipped with an 1-inch 20-megapixel RGB camera + a four-spectral channel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, the system can capture 4-band HD multi-spectral images of crops and HD RGB (visible light) images. The global shutter can precisely coordinate with RTK navigation to synchronise images with the high-precision position data in milliseconds. The images from five different channels are aligned automatically, and the photosensitivity sensor is calibrated automatically. Accurate remote sensing image of farmland can be processed on-site, what you get is more than what you see.

    • XAG XCam2000MS Technical Specs

      Model XCam2000MS
      Dimension 75mm x 40mm x 50mm
      Weight 139g
      Multispectral Sensors 4
      Multispectral Bands Green (550nm ± 30nm)
      Red (650nm ± 30nm)
      Red edge (735nm ± 10nm)
      Near infrared (850nm ± 30nm)
      Sesnor Resolution 1280 x 800
      Shutter Global Shutter
      Single Band FOV DFOV 104°
      HFOV 79°
      VFOV 57.6°
      Calibration Automatic photosensitive radiation calibration
    • Package Size

      Dimension 120mm x 100mm x 70mm
      Weight 256g
      In the Box

      1 x XAG XCam2000MS

      1 x Sunlight Sensor

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