XAG IWS3 Weather Station

Sense the Slightest Change of Farm Humiture

Precision Humiture Monitoring

Temperature and humidity in your control.

Cloud Monitoring

Manage your devices via PC or smartphone.

IP65 Water and Dust Resistant

Protection built for tough environments.

Solar Power Supply

No need of wiring. Not afraid from rainy days.

App Threshold Alert

Immediately get informed when humiture changes unexpectedly.

Real-time Sharing

4G supported. Share your farm anywhere, anytime.


Temperature and Humidity Measurement at Farm Level.

Accurately measure two of the most common and important weather indicators, temperature and humidity, to guide precision farming practices.







Made to Last. Withstand Water and Dust. Indoor and Out.

Able to operation under a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, no matter greenhouse, paddy field, hills, mountains or desert. With IP65 protection level, HydroThermo1 can also handle heat, storms and snow. 

Real-time Monitoring with Threshold Alert.

When temperature or humidity on fields exceeds the pre-set threshold, farmers would instantly get an alert to abnormity and take timely actions to minimise crop damage risks.

Multi-device Management. Monitor from Anywhere You Like.

Either at home or on the go, farmers can track the real-time status of their farmlands and identify any potential crop disease on their PC or smartphone. Embedded GPS enables accurate equipment distribution management.

Support 4G Network. One Tap to Share Your Farm Views.

All data would be simultaneously transmitted to the cloud through high-speed 4G network. Just one touch to share with anyone who matter, such as your customers, staffs and consultants.


Solar Power Supply, Operating even on Rainy Days.

Wiring free and easy-to-assemble, the IP67 Solar Panel has a built-in 7500mAh battery to unleash powerful, eco-friendly energy. IFC16S Farm Camera can keep working during rainy weather for 15 consecutive days.


Input Voltage


Operating Temperature


Output Voltage


IP Rating


Battery Capacity




Solar Panel Power



Multi-scenario Applications

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