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Introducing farming drones for sale to the Australian farming community that made crop production more efficient through innovative workflows and technology. Get in touch with our team about your goals to learn the best drone-based aerial intelligence that is right for your agricultural operation.

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Pro in Every Flight

The epitome of progress and efficiency in agricultural drone technology. This marvel of innovation is fortified with enhanced strength and a larger payload capacity, taking your farming capabilities to new heights. 


It's More Than a Larger Scale

XAG® P100 Agricultural Drone features a simplified modular design, high stability, easy removal and multi-mode operations. Its all-new SuperX 4 pro Intelligent Control System, combined with the XAG RevoSpray and RevoCast systems and the Multi-directional Radar Matrix, delivers high-efficiency and high-quality farming operations like precision spraying and spreading, making it arguably a stable and reliable all-rounder in agriculture.

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Agrifuture, Here and Now

XAG V-Series Agricultural Drone, Innovative Twin-Rotor Aerial Platform Kickstarting the future of Agriculture. Different from traditional multi-rotor drones, it adopts the tilting twin-rotor structure, significantly improving aircraft performance and energy efficiency. Dramatically reduce the mass and volume of the V-Series, making it more flexible and efficient during flight and transportation. The twin-rotor structure has a more concentrated wind field, spray penetration is over twice that of a traditional Agricultural Drone.


Centre of Technology, Edge of Performance


The XAG P30 Agricultural drone is a type of aerial spraying system designed for plant protection. After just a short training, every user can operate it to spray safely and efficiently on any terrain. It utilises the XAG patented intelligent rotary atomising spraying system, which guarantees farm produce quality while reducing 30% of pesticide use and 90% water waste. 


The Future Starts Today

The P30 redefines agricultural UAS with its advanced industrial design, dynamic powering system, and superior water-resistant performance. It inherits the DNA of XAG design with an integrated body packed with enclosed avionics structure and reinforced strength and sensory intelligence. 


Adapting to the rapidly changing world of agriculture

Modern farming operations look quite different than it was a few decades ago. New technology has allowed the farmers of today to optimise each part of their agricultural operations — from field spraying to grow cycles and plant health. 

A big part of that revolution can be attributed to the rise of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) usage. With agriculture drone operations and drone technology in place, farmers get in-depth data analysis and mission planning and new tools capable of handling physical work.

Whether you’re an independent farmer or a leader of more extensive farm operations, farming drones in Australia can help you beat your harvest goals and yield more crops with maximised efficient resources. The main ways that the right UAV can help are efficient crop aerial spraying, aerial surveying, and field mapping. 

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Efficient Agriculture Through Farming Drones

Agriculture drones empower farmers to adapt to specific environments and make mindful choices when planting by checking crop and livestock health. The data gained from the farming drones helps regulate crop health, crop treatment, crop scouting, irrigation systems, and field soil analysis and crop damage assessments. The drone usage helps boost crop yields and minimise time and expenses.

Farming drones in Australia have granted farmers and other agricultural professionals the ability to provide intelligent solutions that save time, cost, and money while increasing productivity and easing up the workflow. The powerful equipment benefits many customers, from farmers and growers to agricultural cooperation and service agencies.


Using drones to gather data for precision agriculture

Smart spraying and seeding aren’t the only ways to increase agricultural efficiency, cut costs, or increase yields. Farmers can also use drones to map out an area and create new insights — taking the guesswork out of the growing process. 

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The suitable farming drones and payloads

When you’re looking for the best in agricultural technology, you want the drones of XAG Australia. Our tailor-fit solutions are designed with the needs of farmers in mind for the best possible outcome. 

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After just a short training, every user can operate various farming drones from XAG to work efficiently on any terrain. An agriculture drone’s cost depends on the initial purchase price and maintenance cost. This is why the price varies from one manufacturer to another. Although some products are more expensive, they’re equipped with a good camera and sometimes come with free accessories like drone cases.


A commercial-grade spraying drone kit made for agricultural use in Australia can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000, sometimes higher. On the other hand, drone accessories in Australia can cost as low as $3 or as high as $4,000, depending on the item you need and the manufacturer. XAG Australia will provide professional services on the farming drones you can use to solve your specific challenges for your farming drone needs.

Farmers are required to manage hundreds of acres of farmland at a time for large scale farming. It is considered best practice to tap into aerial technology’s possibilities and do so efficiently and sustainably. See how drone technology can change your field. As the software and hardware progress, we'll be there each step of the way to help you sustainably take advantage of industry advancements. We'll collaborate with you to explore and develop your vision.

There are a lot of drone manufacturers and suppliers in the market, so what makes XAG Australia a cut above the rest? For one, unlike other drones, XAG’s products are specifically designed for productivity, practicality and sustainability. We have modular drones that make multifunctionality easy and convenient for users. Our UAVs are also very easy to operate, with some models having the capacity to be flown on a 5:1 drone-to-operator ratio. We are changing the smart farming game with our innovative drones and other agricultural technologies.

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