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Pro in Every Flight

Unleash the Future: Our Enhanced Foldable Quadcopter.
Power, Precision, Payload.
Efficiency Redefined with XAG RevoSpray P3 and RevoCast P3.


Visit - Know Your Drone - for a safe and responsible flight

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logo P100 Pro.png

Operation Efficiency

Measured in the Field, Not in the Lab:

While many micht present vou with idedlized figures, our efficiency statistics come straight from the heart of red farming operations. Every load, every take-off, every landing, and every route change is meticulously measured in real-life conditions. We don't just believe in numbers; we believe in numbers that truly reflect the farmer's day-to-day reality.

Boasting an 80-liter material container and a 50-liter liquid container, our equipment is designed for substantial storage. With a 50 kg carrying capacity, it's not just about strength - it's about stepping into action with agility and ease.

RevoSpray 3


50 L


Tank Capacity

5 - 10 m


Spray Width

22 L/min


Max. Flow Rate



Droplet Size Range

Adjustable Atomization Spraying, Efficiently Precise

RevoCast 3





Container Capacity

3-7 Meters


Spread Width

150 kg/min


Max. Discharge Rate



Granule Size Range

Precision Meets Efficiency

In Real-World Farming

Vertical Precision Spreading with Adjustable Width

Our unique centrifugal spreading discs are designed for rapid vertical downward acceleration of particles, offering strong resistance to wind. The spreading width adjusts precisely with flight height, ensuring a carpet-like spreading pattern. No overlaps. No misses.

Variable Dispensing for Uniform Distribution

Our smart spiral feeder adjusts in real-time with flight speed, ensuring the right amount of material is dispensed for even distribution across the field.

Real-time Residue Detection for Optimal Use

Our intelligent container uses non-contact sensors to monitor remaining material levels in real-time. Resistant to corrosion and adhesion from fertilizers and other particles, this ensures more accurate readings, preventing issues like auger idling and missed spots.

4 Operation Modes,2 Interaction Patterns
Always Match Your Personal Needs

Find the most appropriate to adapt different application scenarios.

Newly Upgraded 4D Imaging Radar

Seamless navigation around obstacles, prioritizing both safety
and efficiency in every flight

1.5-80 Meters

Detection Range

≤ 13.8 m/s

Max. Relative Speed of Obstacle Avoidance

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