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Agrifuture, Here and Now

Visit - Know Your Drone - for a safe and responsible flight

Tilting twin-rotor Structure

Better adapted to agricultural production

RTK Centimetre-level Positioning

Precise, fully autonomous flight

Multi-directional Radars

Accurate perception and obstacle avoidance

                            Intelligent Flight Control

New-gen super smart control system

Stable Downdraft

Increase penetration to crops

Multi-functional Design

Spraying / broadcast / mapping


based on XAG’s vast accumulation on agricultural drone



Small Size, Big Impact 

Revolutionary tilting twin-rotor structure, Featuring SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System Equipped with XAG RevoSpray™, RevoCast™, and RealTerra™
Bring a new level of efficiency to digital agriculture


Revolutionary Tilting
Twin-rotor Structure

More concentrated downdraft
More energy-efficient
Higher agility

Breakthrough in
Material Science and
Manufacturing Technology

Lighter with carbon reinforced polymer
Tougher with integrated streamlined body

Renderings-V40 (15)_edited.png

With multiple aerodynamic optimisations

Spray Penetration is Greatly Improved
Than Traditional One

Fast Switching of Task Systems
Meets All Your Needs

Modular design


Modular design

Reduce Handling Volume by a Third,
More space-saving

Arms and propellers fold over doubly


Unfolded size

Folded size

IP67 rating protection

Braving Any Harshness,
Bringing Easier Maintenance


Precise and digital agriculture in one step

Kick off a New Era of Autonomous Farming


Ultra-Intelligent Brain

SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System, a perfect combination of the mighty AI algorithm,
high-performance powertrain and flexible task systems.

Highly Integrated

Combine flight control, environmental sensing and data transmission

Precision Navigation

RTK navigation + 5G expansion

Ultra-high Computing Power

A FC chip with 20 times more computing power

Multi-Directional Radar Matrix Bring Overall,
Sophisticated Perception and Obstacle Avoidance

Renderings-V40 (4).png

Front Dynamic Radar

PSL pilot perspective image

Clearly Display Field Condition and Allows
Precision in Complex Environment

Smart Control with Ease

Quick start with one connection
Three operation modes for you to take


Standard mode

As the flagship model of XAG V series agricultural drone,
the V40 has powerful performance and amazing efficiency

All in One, Outsmart Your Brain


A Smart Companion in Mapping

HD resolution optical image + AI image processing chip
Fully autonomous aerial photography
Field boundary recognition, fruit tree identification,
map stitching, 3D modelling


More Precise
Centrifugal Atomisation Spraying

Mega-flow peristaltic pumps, 10L/min max
New brushless motor, 60-400μm adjustable droplet size
Downdraft generated by dual rotors contributes to
a maximum of 10m spray width


Downdraft generated by dual
rotors contribute to a maximum of 10m spray width

Variable screw feeder ensures precise, controllable spreading
Dual rotary spreading discs for even distribution
A maximum efficiency of 40 kg/min*
Reduce seed damage caused by mechanical impact

* The spreading efficiency is calculated on 7m/s flight speed and 10m spread width under standard Laboratory conditions. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with the official product guidelines.

Battery Power

Stronger, Smarter, and Safer

Lithium polymer battery in 962 Wh large capacity
Intelligent battery management system to make proper use
Connection design ensures stable large current output
IP65 protection, 11min* SuperCharge in water cooling tank

*Laboratory research shows that, under general operating conditions, the GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station can fully charge a B13960S Battery within 11 minutes from 30% to 95%. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with the official product guidelines.


A Solution Born for Poor Network Connection

XAG® Local Network Terminal

XAG® Local Network Terminal provides stable communication links for fully autonomous drone operation under 4G network but with poor signal or non 4G network.
Bridging signal connection between handheld control terminals, RTK portable base station and XAG agricultural drone, this is the solution that you need to remain steady, safe, and high-accuracy flight.
Breaking the limitation on internet infrastructure.

LNT-1 (1).png

Efficient Network Access

800M* network coverage range, support wireless LAN hotspot access to network connection

RTK Portable Base Station Connection

Connect XAG agricultural drone and RTK portable base station that enable fully autonomous flight at centimetre-level positioning

Localized Cloud Algorithms

Reduce postback delays for smooth operation

*The coverage range is calculated at 5 meters flight altitude in an open and unobstructed environment with electromagnetic interference exclusive,and the equivalent isotropically radiated power(EIRP) conforms to the FCC certification standard. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with the official product guidelines.

Consumer Policy - Unauthorized XAG Dealers

To ensure the highest quality of XAG Products, including P100, V40, P302020, P302018, P20, P10, XMission, M500 2022, M2000 2022 and R150. XAG is dedicated to providing the best customer support through a trusted network of authorized distributors and dealers, and strongly advises the customer to purchase from the local authorized distributor and to be aware of the possible risks that may result from purchasing products outside the countries where it is originally sold or through unverified dealers

There are unauthorized dealers that advertise and sell XAG products. These products may be deactivated and not operatable. XAG cannot guarantee the quality or effectiveness of such products and as such, these products are not covered by XAG’s warranty.

Please note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a marketplace site, hosted by companies such as Taobao, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and similar marketplaces. When purchasing on these marketplace sites, you should always confirm that the reseller is an authorized XAG dealer.

Deactivated Products may incur reactivation fees of $20,000

It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the retailer you purchase from is an authorized XAG dealer. To verify that a dealer is authorized, please contact for information.

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