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Join the XAG Australia Team

XAG (former name: XAIRCRAFT) was founded in 2007, and XAG Australia (XAircraft Aerial Solution) was established in 2013. XAG is committed to the development and implantation of agricultural technology, it is one of the world's leading UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) R&D manufacturers and a smart agriculture solution provider.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, XAG consists of XAG MANUFACTURE, XPLANET, XGEOMATICS, and XAG ACADEMY. Meanwhile, XAG has set up laboratories and research stations in 20 countries, including Australia, Japan, Germany, etc., participated in a number of frontier Agri-tech projects. 

Role: RPA Pilot/Trainee

XAG RPA Pilot/Trainee


  • Travel nationally with potential to operate abroad as part of a small operations team.

  • Travel nationally with potential to assist in demonstration and Promotion

  • Travel internationally with potential to undergo training and provide training

  • Ensure maintenance is carried to the operational RPA equipment in accordance to RPA manuals and procedures

  • Ensure RPA manual and procedures are updated and reviewed

  • Investigate all defects and repair operational RPA equipment within agreed timeframes...

Role: After-Sales Support

XAG After-Sales Support


  • Troubleshoot technical issues through various forms of communication (inclusive but not limited to: phone/video calls to clients and physical repair or testing of drones)

  • Travel nationally with protentional to assist in demonstration and promotion 

  • Support clients with their XAG drones, ground robots and other products

  • Test and dispatch client orders

  • Test XAG's new products and provide feedback and training to other employees

  • Provide feedback to the research and development department in China and liaise with the international XAG team ...

Role: Sales Administration Officer

XAG Sales Administration Officer


  • Walk through and manage the end-to-end sales process with customer leads and enquiries in support of sales targets

  • Ensuring the satisfaction of customer needs by answering phone calls and directing to the appropriate person

  • Assist with after-sales customer enquiries as required

  • Providing a professional high standard of customer service that ensures high levels of customer satisfaction

  • Learn, maintain and develop product knowledge and industry trends

  • Assist sales technicians in producing quotations, liaising with customers ...

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