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Hello Agrifuture
Agricultural Drone Technology

Solar powered

XAG Mission

To advance agriculture, sustainably feed the world’s growing population, and leave a positive social impact on earth.

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XAG Vision

To build an infrastructure of agriculture for the next 100 years and provide the world with sufficient, diversified, and safe food.

Smart Agriculture Product Line

Our products are commercially applied on a global scale. As one of the world's trusted agriculture technology companies,

we take pride in our ability to offer truly integrated hardware and software solutions for smart agriculture.

In order to grow more nutritious food with minimal ecological footprint on earth, we have designed a three-pillar

smart agriculture solution innovatively integrating robots, internet-of-things, and artificial intelligence.


Centre of Technology, Edge of Performance


Agrifuture, Here and Now

Agricultural drones are aerial spraying systems designed for aerial spraying application. They allow users to spray safely and efficiently with uniformity and precision. The XAG patented intelligent rotary atomising spraying systems enable these agriculture drones to assist in reducing pesticide use and water waste. 

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Multiple functions, Strong Scalability



Our unmanned ground vehicles are developed for unmanned farms and designed based on various agricultural needs. Functions include precision plant protection, efficient spreading, intelligent mowing, transportation of agricultural materials, and epidemic prevention.




Light, Handy, Responsive

Agricultural drone technology allowed us to create field survey drones that can generate high-resolution and detailed models of difficult to access areas. Drones for agriculture allow the quick and safe delivery of surveying data for field use.

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Sustainability, Productivity, Traceability


Remote & Real-Time Field Monitoring

Agriculture IoTs (Internet of things) refers to the use of cameras, sensors, and other devices to convert every aspect of farming into data. Our XIoT products are designed to withstand water and dust and created to operate under extreme weather conditions.

Agriculture drone pilot phone

Documentation and guides dedicated to supporting our operators in mastering their product.

Industrial Unmanned Aerial System

Range of Services to support you and the Australia Agricultural industry

Farm Weather Station

Learn & witness how XAG are adapted worldwide


The XAG Market

Up to August 2020, our smart agriculture technologies and solutions have served over 8 million farming households in over 42 countries and regions, with more than 50,000 unmanned systems operating globally. XAG, together with its partners, have provided precision seeding, fertilisation, and crop protection services to over 40 million hectares of farmland.

Awards and Recognitions

On November 12, 2019, XAG was awarded Best Innovation in Precision Farming Technology for its smart agriculture solutions at Crop Science Awards that was presented in London. This made us the first Chinese agriculture technology company to ever win the awards since founded.

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