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Maximising XAG Drone Usage in Agriculture

XAG Australia opens a lucrative avenue in providing a revolutionary way of assisting farmers with their large-scale agricultural requirements through their drone systems and equipment.

Specialised Farming Needs with XAG

For large-scale farming, drones for agriculture is now the future. The backbreaking labour associated with traditional farming methods is now a thing of the past. The drones used for agriculture involves aerial spraying, aerial seeding, and aerial surveying. It enables every user to manage the farming needs efficiently through simple but intelligent operations with any agricultural terrain. Whether on a plain field, orchard, mountain, hill or terrace, the drones for agriculture can maximise the usage onto every needed crop with uniformity and precision.

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Aerial drone spraying is an extremely cost-effective solution for the aerial application of chemicals on agricultural terrain.


Aerial seeding involves projecting streams of powerful, stable and high-speed air with centimetre-level flight accuracy, bringing every granule to the place it is supposed to be.



Aerial surveying captures aerial data with downward-facing sensors. It identifies issues you might not even be aware of as our high-resolution maps provide advanced details of your property, saving you time and money.

Agriculture Drones Available For Purchase

More than the services, XAG is also one of the leading drone manufacturers worldwide. XAG has introduced several farming drones that are available for purchase to various farming communities in Australia. It has continuously pushed the envelope in innovating modern farming techniques through agricultural drone usage.

Advancing Agriculture Through Technology

The future of farming requires modern, innovative solutions. There are many factors to consider in the agriculture industry such as crop health, pest control, and landscape. Dealing with the diverse locations that make up Australia’s agricultural industry, these landscapes can sometimes be in difficult, inaccessible areas where traditional vehicles or helicopters are not suitable.


The modern-day farmer will need versatile equipment that gets the job done with reduced time-consuming labour, resources, and manpower to keep up with the demands of the population.


Why XAG Australia?

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XAG Australia believes in making the modern farmer’s life better. XAG Australia is the premier company that offers supply and service of Agricultural Technology of Drones, Robots and IoT Devices. We promote the use of drones and robots in agriculture and provide autonomous options for farmers to manage their fields with less manual labour while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in yield production and protecting our environment by pesticide and carbon reduction.


XAG Australia has dedicated itself to taking action in preserving natural resources, growing more food with fewer resources, solving hunger, and taking better care of people.

Experience Quality, Unparalleled Service

As the world's first and only agriculture technology company, we take pride in our ability to offer truly integrated hardware and software solutions for the future-ready agriculture industry. XAG Australia’s proven track record in providing excellent services, support and equipment mean you can’t go wrong with the brand for your business needs.​

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