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Cost Effective Agricultural Rehabilitation and Sustainability Services

Our expertise and cutting-edge technology provide upfront assessment and data collection using site surveying and mapping. Followed up with spraying application methods for farm and drone seeding and a specifically tailored granular dispersal for your rehabilitation solution.

Find the Right Aerial Seeding Drone

When drone seeding, you have to keep in mind that every granule counts. As such, it’s important that you don’t just buy any drone to do the job. XAG, a leading agriculture technology company, can help you with your search. Our XAG JetSeeD™ Granule Spreading System should allow you to upgrade your seeding techniques.



The XAG JetSeeD™ Granule Spreading System is compatible with the XAG P30 2019/2020 Agricultural UAS. The JetSeeD™ is an automatic spreading machine that’s designed for seeding, fertilisation, and plant protection. The high-speed, focused airflow allows the effective distribution of seeds and fertilisers. This technology, combined with the XAG SUPERX®3 Pro autonomous flight control system and the RTK high-accuracy navigation network, upgrades the spreading precision to where you need it.


The JetSeeD™ has embedded rolling feeders that guarantee uniform output and ensure that problems on uneven seeding or overdose will become nonexistent.


This aerial seeding drone can dispense seeds, fertilisers, or pesticides up to 12 acres of land per hour. This same task will require 100 labourers to complete. The fully autonomous flight mode can be enabled easily via a smartphone without compromising smooth operation.

Feeding Mechanism

The XAG JetSeed™ supports various granule sizes, from 1mm - 10mm. The rolling feeder ensures the demanded dosage and compensates its output volume depending on the flight speed. Two independent and powerful mixers are installed above the feeder, so it never gets stuck and feeds evenly at all times.

Terrain Limitations

Drone seeding with this device is safe and eco-friendly. It allows even spreading without causing soil compaction or running over crops. The XAG JetSeeD™ Granule Spreading System is all-terrain compatible, which means there are no limits to the area you can develop. The flight control system prevents collisions which further reduces damage to crops.

Benefits of Agricultural Aerial Seeding

Real Time Evaluation for Farm Planning Use

Make intelligent choices by integrating XAG drones into your workflow. See the whole field in minutes and make assessments on planet health to determine your farm seeding strategy. 

Detailed Monitoring for Crop Management

Drones help farmers see their crops through every stage of development without the need for outdated and environmentally harmful equipment, such as tractors or helicopters. Peace of mind can be achieved thanks to regular monitoring. It only takes minutes for a drone to receive chlorophyll levels, the presence of pests and plant stress levels. Know week by week exactly what is changing in your fields.

Cost-Effective Dispersal

XAG's Aerial Drone are designed from the ground up to accurately disperse seeds, liquids and fertiliser. Ensure your resources go exactly where you need them.

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More than just a service provider, XAG is also one of the leading drone manufacturers worldwide.

XAG has introduced several farming drones that are available for purchase to various farming communities in Australia. It has continuously pushed the envelope in innovating modern farming techniques through agricultural drone usage.

With the advance in drone technology, our office had integrated the newest module onto our drone to provide efficient and cost-effective aerial seeding service. Aerial Seeding is Safe, Eco-friendly, and without soil compaction.


Drone Seeding is an extremely cost-effective solution for aerial seeding, the manoeuvrability of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) allows our pilot to service isolated or difficult access areas and sites which require rehabilitation and/or stabilisation. Combined with Aerial Survey, our drones can be utilised to service broadacre or specific area where treatment is necessary.


Our UAV equipped with 8 Electronic Ducted Fans (EDF) generate high-speeds, focused airflows at up to 18m/s.


Through projecting streams of powerful, stable and high-speed air with centimetre-level flight accuracy, brings every granule to the place it is supposed to be. The embedded rolling feeder guarantees a uniform output needed. Farmers will no longer face the problems of uneven seeding or overdose.

APPLICATION SAMPLE​:Australian Fire Recovery

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Why Choose XAG Australia?

XAG is a company that can help you get the most out of your land with our aerial seeding services. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your agricultural needs are fully met. Since we manufacture seeding drones and are well versed in their technology and operating systems, we know how to best utilise their strengths and operate them to obtain maximum efficiency.

Keep Seeding Costs Low With XAG's Drone Seeding Services

Traditional seeding takes time and requires a lot of human resources, increasing labour costs. Maximise your resources and cut down on costs with effective drone seeding services from XAG Australia. Here's what we can do for you:

Aerial Seeding

We use cutting-edge technology for precise seed dispersal, ensuring that no seed granule is wasted.

Fertiliser Distribution

Spread fertiliser right where it is needed through a more precise application in less time.







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