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A Customisable Platform for Every Agricultural Mission

The XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle

XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicles is the world’s first mass-produced agricultural unmanned vehicle platform. The R150 is developed for unmanned farms, with multiple operation modes and powerful expansion functions; Based on the different agricultural needs, various functions such as precision plant protection, efficient spreading, intelligent mowing, transportation of agricultural materials, epidemic prevention can be achieved

Unmanned Operations with Smart Control,
One System for Multiple Jobs



Optional payload systems


jet spraying

Precise and efficient


Easy palm

Simple to use



Traverse various terrains



Hands-free operations

As the global population increases in the coming decades, there is a demand for new production processes that are more efficient, safer, and less destructive to the environment. Industries are working to fulfil this mission by developing intelligent innovations that carry on the workload.

Producing sufficient food to meet the ever-growing demand for this rising population is a unique challenge to humanity. To succeed at this vital objective, we must build more efficient—yet sustainable—food production devices, farms, and infrastructures.

To accomplish that objective, the precision farming concept—a set of methods and techniques to accurately manage variations in the field to increase crop productivity, business profitability, and ecosystem sustainability—has provided some excellent solutions.

The agriculture world is making leaps and strides to implement the smart farm concept. One of the most vital elements that must be configured to meet the requirements of the new smart farms is the unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).

What Is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle?

An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a vehicle that operates while in contact with the ground and without an onboard human presence. UGVs can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible to have a human operator present. Generally, the vehicle will have a set of sensors to observe the environment and either autonomously make decisions about its behaviour or pass the information to a human operator at a different location who will control the vehicle through remote control.

UGVs must have to function efficiently capable of carrying a range of operations to support the demands of largescale farming. Two main approaches are discussed: automating conventional vehicles and developing specifically designed mobile platforms. The latter includes both wheeled and wheel-legged robots and an analysis of their adaptability to terrain and crops.

R150Material (1).jpg

Commercial Applications in Agriculture

Unmanned ground vehicles are one type of agricultural robot. Multiple civilian applications of UGVs are being implemented to automatic processes in manufacturing and production environments. For example, unmanned harvesting tractors can be operated around the clock, handling short windows for harvesting. UGVs are also used for spraying and thinning. They can also be used to monitor the health of crops and livestock.

A fertiliser-spreading task can be performed autonomously if the appropriate implement tank has been filled with fertiliser and attached to a fueled autonomous tractor (UGV); the same concept applies to planting and spraying. However, tasks such as refilling, refuelling/recharging, implementing attachment, and crop unloading are performed manually. In addition, harvesting systems must offload the yield every time their collectors are full.

Automation of conventional vehicles

For the longest time, the tractor has been the central vehicle for executing most of the work required in a crop field. Equipped with the proper accessories, this machine can till, plant, fertilise, spray, haul, mow, and even harvest. Their adaptability to different tasks makes tractors a prime target for automation, enabling productivity increases, improving safety, and reducing operationally. 

R150Material (2).jpg

XAG’s R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle

When equipped with XAG JetSprayer™ System, R150 can conduct fully autonomous crop spraying operation with maximum efficiency* of 5 hectares per hour.

Nevertheless, UGVs suitable for agriculture remain far from commercialisation, although many intermediate results have been incorporated into agricultural equipment—from harvesting to precise herbicide application. Essentially, these systems are installed on tractors owned by farmers and generally consist of a computer (the controller), a device for steering control, a localisation system (primarily based on RTK-GPS), and a safety system (primarily based on LIDAR).

High-intensity Structure,
Multiple Protections from Harsh Condition

High-strength integration steel frame

  • Roll cage to improve body strength and durability


Customise for agricultural scenarios

  • Adjustable ground clearance of chassis allows movement between dense orchards

functional-structure-2-en B.png

IP67 waterproof and dust-resistance

  • Convenient to clean and maintenance


High-performance Motors Unleash
Strong Momentum, Traverse with Ease

1000 Newton-metres



1.2 m/s


Standard operational speed

150 kg


Load capacity

0.7 metres


Min. turning diameter


SUPERX3 Pro RTK Control System

Safe with Precision Mobility

RTK high-accuracy


Autonomous driving at centimetre-level precision

Optical positioning


Keep navigating without signal

AI mobility


Intelligent road condition



High-speed 4G + wireless


Precise Spraying in Every Direction

XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle SPRAY VERSION

When equipped with XAG JetSprayer™ System, R150 can conduct fully autonomous crop spraying operation with maximum efficiency* of 5 hectares per hour

*Max. operational efficiency is measured under the condition that the ground vehicle continuously operates on plain fields with the speed of 1.2m/s and spray width of 12m.

100 litres


Smart liquid tank

60-200 μm


Adjustable atomisation level

12 metres


Max. spray width

5.3 Ha/ Hr


Maximum Operation Efficiency


Jet Spray Atomisation, Adjustable Droplets

High pressure jet engine projects focused, high-speed airflow that can atomise the liquid into micron-level particles, just right onto the target areas, adjustable to better touch on crop surface.

Smart Pan Tilt, Omni-directional Spray

Brushless direct-drive pan tilt with embedded gyroscope automatically maintains the spray angle of JetSprayer™, which facilitates spot spraying as well as 360° coverage


Vertical swing (pitch)

200 °
Max. angle
360 ° /s
Max. angular velocity

Horizontal swing (heading)

290 °
Max. angle
180 ° /s
Max. angle

4 Operation Modes,2 Interaction Patterns
Always Match Your Personal Needs

Find the most appropriate to adapt different application scenarios.

Palm Pilot at Your Fingertips

Two types of interaction to personalise your control experience.


Autonomous driving

Pre-program the
operation route on APP,
Swarm operation to
increase efficiency


Remote control

Record the operational trajectory
Few clicks for auto shuttle between designated locations

15-min Charge, 4-hour Endurance

Less waiting, endless power on the go


* Laboratory research shows that under general operating conditions, two sets of B13860S smart batteries ensure 4-hour endurance. One B13860S smart battery can be charged from 30% to 95% within 15 minutes by CM12500 Intelligent SuperCharger. The specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, user habits, daily maintenance, etc.

Consumer Policy - Unauthorized XAG Dealers

To ensure the highest quality of XAG Products, including P100, V40, P302020, P302018, P20, P10, XMission, M500 2022, M2000 2022 and R150. XAG is dedicated to providing the best customer support through a trusted network of authorized distributors and dealers, and strongly advises the customer to purchase from the local authorized distributor and to be aware of the possible risks that may result from purchasing products outside the countries where it is originally sold or through unverified dealers

There are unauthorized dealers that advertise and sell XAG products. These products may be deactivated and not operatable. XAG cannot guarantee the quality or effectiveness of such products and as such, these products are not covered by XAG’s warranty.

Please note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a marketplace site, hosted by companies such as Taobao, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and similar marketplaces. When purchasing on these marketplace sites, you should always confirm that the reseller is an authorized XAG dealer.

Deactivated Products may incur reactivation fees of $20,000

It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the retailer you purchase from is an authorized XAG dealer. To verify that a dealer is authorized, please contact for information.

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