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XAG High-Precision Drones for Surveying

Acquire faster and more cost-effective solutions by surveying with drones. Choose XAG Remote Sensing Drones for high-definition images and quality mapping results no matter the terrain.


Seeing The Big Picture In Every Detail

XAG M500 Remote Sensing Drone is designed for precision agriculture, with the capability to fly autonomously and capture high definition images with high-performance data processing. Partnering with XAG M500, you can better understand your farm to enable timely and effective actions.


M2000 Remote Sensing Drone

A Vast Field Captured In a Blink

With the fixed-wing VTOL design, XAG M2000 Remote Sensing Drone is developed for high frequency and high demand aerial survey tasks of multiple scenarios, which allows one person to map fields of 533 hectares in an hour¹. Equipped with XAG SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System, the XAG M2000 is capable of accessing quality geographic data, which helps build up digital field maps stably and rapidly to facilitate production decisions.

Xmission 2019 front.png


THE KEY TO “THE SKY CITY” XMission Light, Handy, Responsive Learn More Agricultural drone technology allowed us to create field survey drones that can generate high-resolution and detailed models of difficult to access areas. Drones for agriculture allow the quick and safe delivery of surveying data for field use.

XAG Australia has been at the forefront of agricultural drone technology, manufacturing top-of-the-line aerial surveying drones since day one. As Australia's largest drone manufacturer, we've set our sights on advancing agriculture to bring changes that give long-lasting benefits to its future. We are premier suppliers who supply various agricultural drones of the highest quality that allow farmers to reach inaccessible areas. Moreover, we are innovative people who look to the future, always searching for ways to improve our products to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

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