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Drones in the
2021 Tocal Field Days

XAG was fortunate enough to have a successful day with demonstrations over the course of 3 Days with almost perfect flying conditions to demonstrate the capabilities of the P30 System in swarm operations whilst our ground-based R150 rover was in automated spraying patterns for the crowds to see.


White Wash for Fresh Flower Group Green House

During this trial, XAG utilized 1 unit of its P30 2020 to distribute the whitewash directly for the roof of the Green House. It is the first time that XAG drones are used to apply whitewash for a Greenhouse, XAG drones allow spraying to be done on the Greenhouse evenly and time efficiently.

Drones in the
Farmscape field day

In the field day 'Drones in the Farmscape', everyone got involved and had a great day learning about the uses and applications of drones in the farmscape from how farmers can use them to monitor their property to more widespread applications spraying chemical or spreading fertilizer, to property mapping and data collection. 


Drones in the
Australian National Field Days

In the Australian National Field Days, the exhibition not only allows everyone to understand the changes brought about by technology and machinery for agricultural but also a good opportunity for modern agricultural producers, agricultural machinery agents, agricultural distributors ,and agricultural machinery enthusiasts!


With The Scots College at Nowra

XAG, demonstrating our new products C2000 to our viewers from The Scots College at Nowra. Providing the students a better understanding of how drones are used in this 3rd agricultural revolution and how drones could be utlized in other industry such as surveying, architecture, photography and etc... 



Our friends CENTRAL WEST FRESH was invited and attended ANZ event located at ANZ Tower, Sydney. RevolutionAG is glad to help our friends to achieve Product traceability and hope we could bring more to our future friends. Now, let's have a look at these amazing farmers and their produce in regional Australia.


Drones in the Crookwell Responsible Spraying Day

On the 26th March, XAG honored by the invitation by ChemCert, a demonstration was conducted with our P30 Agricultural Drone and our newest Product R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle to the TAFE Students and other interested parties in how the latest technology improves spray performance. 


Artificial Intelligence and Drones in Chinese Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence and Drones in Chinese Agriculture Versatility of spray drones Applications in cotton Demonstration of swarm spraying At The University of Sydney, Wheat Breeding Institute


Demostration In Camerons Nusery

Camerons Nursery and XAG Australia for making today's Spray Drone demonstration workshop possible. The event attracted a crowd of almost 60 producers and industry reps who were treated to some impressive live demonstrations of how the machines can be used on farm for liquid fertiliser application, weed control and plant protection.


UAV Aerial Application Demonstration In WA Trip

It had been a busy month, XAG Australia was in PERTH with partner friends from LANDMARK. Those days, XAG Australia team was doing a week of demonstrating to the partner friends about the capabilities of the XAG Unmanned Aerial System.


Demonstration in the Corkhills Ag 

Corkhills Ag, Converte and RevolutionAg displayed drone spraying of Converte plant-food on canola at Boorowa which will increase yield from 2.5 to 3.0 t/ha. After waiting for three months, it will grow here


Career Expo-Young High School

With experts predicting many jobs will be obsolete within the next decade due to the technology revolution, drones -- and the demand for drone pilots -- emerged as a key growth industry. Drones are transforming industries such as plumbing, mining, trades and even transport and delivery.

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