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Agricultural Aerial Support

The purpose of upgrading to an agricultural drone is to increase efficiency and produce quality crops with technologically advanced aerial support. It’s important for the units to stay functional and operational for as long as necessary. For drone owners, a reliable customer and technical support team is essential to prevent any delays in their farm work. Here at XAG, we pride ourselves on offering the best after-sales service in the drone industry.

The XAG Guarantee

Drone Maintenance and Repair

We can maintain and repair your drone instantly because we have all the parts available in our store. The modular nature of our machines makes it possible for us to assemble them in around 10 minutes without compromising the other components. Other companies typically ship their units to another country which will sometimes take weeks.


What if you can’t fix the problem?


On the off chance that XAG Australia will not be able to address the problem, we will send the unit to XAG China for drone repair. But don’t worry. We will provide you with a replacement you can use so you can stay operational despite the issues with your drone. Note that this is the worst-case scenario since our technicians are highly trained to find the source of the problem and fix it.

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Note: All drones come with warranties. If the issue is caused by a malfunction in the XAG drone system, repairs will be done for free. Problems caused by human error or mishandling will be subjected to investigation. If you’re unsure where your case falls under, you can get in touch with our team for assistance.

XAG Drone Apps Download

Find all the apps you need to set up your agricultural drones here. XAG Agri, XAG Agri V2 and XGEOMATICS are available for download on your phones

Product Support

Not all issues require a technician. Some drone owners make it a point to get to know their units intimately so they can easily spot issues long before they become full-blown problems.


We have Quick Start Guides, User Manuals, and Maintenance Handbooks you can read for more information on your agricultural drone.

Drone Financing Made Easy

We offer flexible drone finance options on all agricultural units.

Drone Repair Process

If a unit breaks down, XAG will ask the drone owner to send photos of the damaged components and the flight log back to them. An assessment will be performed, which includes finding out whether the damage is due to human error and whether the warranty will apply. If the warranty can not be used, XAG will provide the client with a quote for the costs of the repair.


The repair itself shouldn’t take long because XAG drones are modular. This means that these units offer the flexibility to repair just one part and leave other parts isolated, untouched, and therefore, uncompromised. This also means there is no need to take apart the whole unit just to make a tiny repair. Most of our drones can be assembled in around 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Question

Can't find the answer you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!


Reporting an Accident

Attach the details of your drone, description of the accident, the suspected cause of the accident, damaged module, and your supporting evidence (video/picture) here.

Register your drone to our database so our technical support team can access your data for easier problem resolutions. Talk to our staff if you need help pairing your devices to your XAG Account.

Consignee Export Form

Provide XAG Australia with all the necessary information so we can arrange for the logistics of your products.

Product Support

Know everything there is to know about your drone system with our complete list of start guides, user manuals, and handbooks. Files are easily downloadable for saving and printing.

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