Compatible with the XAG® P30 2019/2020 Agricultural UAS.

Effortless, delivers more

An automatic spreading machine designed for seeding, fertilization and plant protection, JetSeed™ is engineered to set free the agriculture production world. Compatible with the latest XAG® P30 2019 Plant Protection UAS. Featured with high-speed, focused airflow. Granules such as seeds and fertilizers, propelled by powerful, stable jets of air, are projected effectively and precisely to wherever needed. Harnessing XAG SUPERX®3 Pro autonomous flight control system and RTK high-accuracy navigation network, JetSeed™ elevates its spreading precision to an unprecedented new level.

Breakneck Efficiency

XAG JetSeed™, a flying spreader, can effectively dispense granular seeds, fertilisers or pesticides on up to 12 acres of land per hour, a task that would take 150 labours to complete. Simply via a smartphone, the fully autonomous flight mode enables XAG JetSeed™ to smoothly operate in many different environments that the ground-based spreading machinery is difficult to handle.

Every granule counts

Through projecting streams of powerful, stable and high-speed air, XAG JetSeed™️, configured with P30’s centimetre-level flight accuracy, brings every granule to the place it is supposed to be. The embedded rolling feeder guarantees a uniform output needed. Farmers will no longer face the problems of uneven seeding or overdose.

XAG® P30 2019 Plant Protection UAS,the power behinds.

XAG JetSeed™, easily mounted into the highly modularised XAG® P30 2019 Plant Protection UAS, is ready to embark on its task within minutes. Empowered by the centimetre-level Dual-RTK technology, XAG JetSeed™ optimised the spreading accuracy to its maximum.

Built-in smart feeding mechanism,
Never gets stuck, Always feeds evenly.

XAG JetSeed™ supports different size of granules, from 1mm ~ 10mm. The rolling feeder can utmost ensure a demanded dosage, by compensating its output volume to the flight speed. Besides, two independent powerful mixers are installed above the feeder to avoid cluster.

high-velocity air brings ultimate spreading uniformity.

Harnessing the Bernoulli principle, the 8 Electronic Ducted Fans (EDF) generate high-speed, focused airflows at up to 18 m/s.This creates a pressure difference that induces granules from feeder, whilst the granules, fueled by the accelerated airflows, are rapidly and precisely dispensed to the target area without being affected by environmental winds. Also, the spread width can be easily adjusted by tuning the air velocity or changing the jet nozzles.

Prescription Map operation, Powered by  XAI.

XAG Agriculture Intelligence (XAI), learning and analysing field data such as plant growth, germination rate and crop stress from the surveying UAS, generates AI Prescription Map for Variable-rate Application (VRA).

Fully autonomous operation, all-terrain compatible.

Equipped with the advanced industrial-grade SUPERX®3 Pro RTK flight control system and omni-directional sense and avoid system, XAG® P30 Plant Protection UAS can operate autonomously and freely over different terrains, no matter plain fields, hills or forests. Safe and eco-friendly, spreading without crushing crops and causing soil compaction.

Grassland restoration

Guided by XAI Prescription Map, grass seeds can be precisely spreaded to restore the ecosystem.


Transform Your Farming with a Crop Seeding Drone

Planting seeds is a critical factor in producing the perfect harvest. The seed interacts with the environment and grows according to those elements. For this reason, it’s imperative to consider using a crop seeding drone to distribute seeds across the field.


XAG is one of the leaders in advanced agricultural technology and stock the granule spreading system that attaches to our seeding drone.

Benefits of Using a Crop Seed Spreading Drone

Farming methods have continuously been modernized and updated to simplify the work and increase efficiency. The introduction of drone technology has had a positive impact on several industries, but none are as apparent as the agriculture sector. Seeding drones, in particular, have enabled farmers to sow their seeds quickly and uniformly.

  • When you use a drone, you get a clearer picture of the field, and together with the relevant software, you can analyze the condition of the soil, gauging its texture and moisture content. The information you receive from a drone allows you to plan the layout of the field and optimize seeding and planting rates. As a result, you reap a complete, uniform harvest.

  • Sowing the seeds of a crop is only the first step of farming. Crop management is an essential aspect of the industry, and drones make it possible to view crops through every stage of development. Instead of taking out the tractor or walking through the fields, it takes a matter of minutes to get your drone in the air and receive a detailed report with clear images for you to determine what the crop requires to continue growing effectively. Some sensors help establish chlorophyll levels, the presence of pests, moisture, and plant stress levels.

  • After you’ve used the seed spreading attachment on your drone and distributed them as you require, you can use the payload carrier to tend to the seeds you planted. The sprayers on the drone effectively spread water and fertilizer to crops. As a result, you reduce wasting fertilizer and excess water as the drone sensors direct the nutrients to where it’s most needed.

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