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A Vast Field Captured In a Blink

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With the fixed-wing VTOL design, XAG M2000 Remote Sensing Drone is developed for high frequency and high demand aerial survey tasks of multiple scenarios, which allows one person to map fields of 533 hectares in an hour¹. Equipped with XAG SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System, the XAG M2000 is capable of accessing quality geographic data, which helps build up digital field maps stably and rapidly to facilitate production decisions.

Accurate & Autonomous Flight

RTK Centimetre-Level Positioning Automated Flight Planning

Sophisticated & Stable Imaging

XCam 20MP Pro Gimbal Camera

XCam 26MP APS-C Gimbal Camera

XCam 20H Hybrid Gimbal Camera

XCam 20M Multispectral Gimbal Camera

Flexible Take-off and Landing

Fixed-Wing VTOL Design

Quick Release Body

Safe & Efficient Images Stitching

Cluster Cloud Computing with Encryption

Post Processed Kinematic

VTOL For Flexible and Efficient Flight

The quick assembly XAG M2000 can be immediately deployed for operations. The combination structure of multiple rotors and fixed wings allows flexible take-off and landing. 3 kg EPP fuselage plus the high-energy-density battery provide up to 90 minutes flight time and a range of 86 kilometers in a single flight.


Maximum Battery Life²


Quick Assembly⁴


Maximum Flight Distance³


Overall Weight⁵


Outsmart, Outperform, Outsprint

The SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System endows XAG M2000 the power of fully autonomous flight at cm-level accuracy while capturing high-resolution images. With a built-in emergency response mechanism, it monitors the drone’s flight status in real time, and supports quick swapping between multi-rotor and fixed-wing flight modes, ensuring flight safety and survey efficiency.

CM-level Positioning

Dual-Antenna RTK + Cloud Base Stations⁶

Stable Data Connection

4G Network Transmission

Safe Flight

3 x IMU + Emergency Response Mechanism⁷

Seamless Trajectories

Break-Point Continuous Flight

Longer Battery Life, Higher Efficiency


B6180 Smart Battery

Fast Charger

  • 8000mAh Large Capacity

  • 90 mins Battery Life⁸ Smart

  • Battery Management System

  • 300W Fast Charging


XCam 20MP Pro

Gimbal Camera

  • 20 MP 1" CMOS Sensor, high-resolution imaging

  • DSLR-level ISP, ensures high image quality

  • Ground Control Point-Free



Gimbal Camera⁹

  • 26 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, better image quality

  • Photos in Five Directions, supports 3D modeling

  • 0.4s Shooting Interval, improve mapping efficiency


XCam 20H Hybrid Gimbal Camera¹⁰

  • Infrared & 20 MP 1" CMOS Sensor

  • Temperature measurement at ±3℃ accuracy

  • Support HD map and thermal map stitching


XCam 20M Multispectral Gimbal Camera¹¹

  • 20 MP 1" CMOS Sensor & 4-Channel Multispectral Sensor, pixel-level image registration

  • Automatic Sunlight Compensation leads to more accurate spectrum data (*currently this function is not supported)

  • Real-time NDVI Video reveals abnormality

Cameras To Multi-application, Fast Switch

Featured with 3-axis mechanical stabilized gimbal and mechanical shutter max out at 1/2000 sec., all cameras can take photos at high-speed without rolling shutter effect. Anti-distortion and autofocus lens contributes to high-resolution imaging.


Easy Flight Planning, Easy Mapping

XAG SRC1 Smart Remote Controller, with its built-in touchscreen and XPilot APP, allows freely switch between autonomous flight and manual control. Multiple flight planning modes are available to meet your needs of various application scenarios. The 4G communication system support stable and long-range internet connection.

XPilot APP¹²

Designed for aerial mapping, easy to use

5.5" 800 Lumens HD Touchscreen

Clear visual under strong light


Real-time data transmission, stabler control

4.5h Duration¹³

Suitable for longer task


Field Mapping


Oblique Photography


Strip Mapping

Diverse Application Scenarios, Infinite Possibilities

Agricultural Production

The XAG M2000 can create digital field map to assist production decisions through effcient scouting on large-scale farmland.


Rural Governance

It brings quick insights into the use of arable land and growth of crops to provide information support for rural governance and efforts to build a beautiful countryside.


Agricultural Resource Survey

Assist in prospecting large-scale agricultural resource without arduous journey, which is time-saving, effcient and safe.



All parameters and data related to this product are results of standard laboratory tests. Specific performance may vary depending on the working environment, temperature, user habits,etc. The data mentioned in 1. 2. 3. 4. 8. is for your reference only. Actual efficiency is subject to operating conditions and the environment of the farmland. Also, please use the product strictly in accordance with the official user manual and product guidelines.

5. Overall weight refers to the weight of both the aircraft and the battery (excluding payload), whose measured value is approximately 3.1 kg.

6. Base stations include fixed base station, portable station and third-party CORS.

7. Emergency response mechanism includes: fast switching between flight modes with flight errors detected; hovering at a certain height in fixed-wing mode in case of GPS error, and automatically returning to and landing safely at the takeoff spot in the event of no signal detected for a long time; real-time monitoring of battery level, and returning automatically in case of low battery.

9. 10. 11. are optional products.

12. xml file is supported for different applications.

13. The controller with an official powerbank has a maximum endurance of 8 hours. Actual efficiency is subject to operating conditions and the environment of the farmland. Also, please use the product strictly in accordance with the official user manual and product guidelines.

Consumer Policy - Unauthorized XAG Dealers

To ensure the highest quality of XAG Products, including P100, V40, P302020, P302018, P20, P10, XMission, M500 2022, M2000 2022 and R150. XAG is dedicated to providing the best customer support through a trusted network of authorized distributors and dealers, and strongly advises the customer to purchase from the local authorized distributor and to be aware of the possible risks that may result from purchasing products outside the countries where it is originally sold or through unverified dealers

There are unauthorized dealers that advertise and sell XAG products. These products may be deactivated and not operatable. XAG cannot guarantee the quality or effectiveness of such products and as such, these products are not covered by XAG’s warranty.

Please note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a marketplace site, hosted by companies such as Taobao, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and similar marketplaces. When purchasing on these marketplace sites, you should always confirm that the reseller is an authorized XAG dealer.

Deactivated Products may incur reactivation fees of $20,000

It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that the retailer you purchase from is an authorized XAG dealer. To verify that a dealer is authorized, please contact for information.

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