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2021 Earth Day | Empower Our Land and Planet

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

With the theme “Restore Our Earth”, this year, we celebrate the 52nd observance of Earth Day. Nowadays, climate change, deforestation, wildfires, floods and worldwide pandemic are becoming signals that remind us of rebuilding a more sustainable ecosystem to support life. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the world, the global community has come to realize the significance of building a shared future for mankind.

Protecting the ecosystem is part of XAG’s DNA. We offer advanced technology and safe, reliable products to reduce water and pesticide use, as well as cutting carbon emissions in agriculture. By pushing the boundaries of agritech, we promote biodiversity and contribute to eco-sustainability.

Less Consumption, Greater Development

In the face of the mutual challenge of mankind, XAG has actively combined our actions with business routine. XAG Agricultural AI (XAI) is designed to accurately perceive the growth of crops and provide an "AI prescription map" for targeted control of crop diseases, pests, and weeds. Through our intelligent atomization spraying technology and centimeter-level navigation system, we help farmers to grow more food with less resource consumption.

With the aid of our drones and robots, farmers have successfully reduced 45 thousand tons of pesticide usage, and saved 15.39 million tons of water, equivalent to the annual water consumption of 200,000 residents.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Traditional medium and large agricultural machinery run by non-renewable fossil energy are among the culprits of global warming. By replacing oil-fired machinery with drones and unmanned vehicles powered by electrics, XAG strives to reduce carbon emissions and make farming greener.

By introducing clean energy into agriculture, we have helped farmers cut down 282 million liters of fossil fuel and reduce carbon emission by 760,000 tons. This means that 470,000 cars were put off the road for one year, equivalent to planting 10.32 million trees to offset carbon.

Protecting Biodiversity

XAG calls on our global users to take proactive actions, applying precision technology to the scenarios of ecology protection. Facing bushfires, land desertification, and pollinator decline, XAG is using efficient agritech to restore degraded vegetation and support the reproduction of plants.

Sowing Hope in High-altitude Grasslands

Ruoergai Grassland in Sichuan Province of China is the world’s largest high-altitude wetland prairie. However, due to overgrazing and climate change, the grassland used to suffer from aggravating desertification. Traditionally, people only rely on a manual approach to spread seeds and restore the vast grassland.

To speed up vegetation recovery, XAG introduced drones with a special spreading attachment to conduct autonomous grass seeding, which helps turn the once bare land into a healthy and fertile ecosystem.

Breathe New Life into the Bushfire-hit Australia

The Australian bushfire in 2019 has destroyed 20 million hectares of land and killed 1 billion animals, bringing unprecedented climate change impacts and biodiversity crisis to the country.

In April 2020, supported by Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning, XAG joined hands with Heytesbury District Landcare Network on the first-ever post-fire drone seeding operation on Cobrico Peat Swamps, Victoria in Australia. As an innovative solution to restore wetland after bushfire, agricultural drones were used to spread mixed grass seeds above the hard-to-reach areas, to reinvigorate the burned land with the aim of helping homeless animals reinhabit.

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