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How is XAG JetSeed different from traditional seeding?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In recent years, Agricultural drones that integrate multi-functions such as pesticide application, seeding, and fertilizer spreading are becoming the new focus in smart agricultural machinery. It is now the replanting season in many countries, and many farmers are curious about the effect of drone spreading and with the recent release of the XAG latest seeding module, what is its actual broadcast effect, and how is it different from traditional broadcast equipment?

Based on the operation data of the XAG JETSEED Module in China, the germination rate is above 98%, and the distribution of rice seedlings is relatively uniform and not dense Or sparse growth, in addition, the rice roots are strong and straight, and the gripping ability is strong.

JETSEED Spreading (Left) vs Manual Spreading (Right)

In order to achieve the effect of precise spreading and uniform particles, XAG JETSEED Module abandons the traditional design with centrifugal spinning plate due to its two major defects.

Inaccurate control of the Seeding Rate per Acreage

Traditional design with centrifugal spinning plate, the size of the feeding angle determines the amount of feed material. The larger the opening angle, the more solid particles are fed. During the actual sowing operation, Seeds such as miscanthus crops are often hooked, bonded, or the pellets are agglomerated, etc. In these cases, the centrifugal spinning disc spreader cannot accurately control the Seeding rate.

Particle feeding inlet of the centrifugal spinning disc

Uneven distribution effect

In terms of the uniformity of spreading, the centrifugal spinning disc and the centrifugal nozzle of the Agricultural drone are very different. When expelling solid particles, the centrifugal spinning disc cannot achieve the uniform effect of spraying mist droplets like the 360° opening of the centrifugal nozzle. Agricultural Drones that use the design of the feeding inlet and the effect of centrifugal force will lead to the distribution of the expelled particles will be unilateral dense and loosely distributed on the other side.

Spreading effect of traditional centrifugal spinning design

In addition, the spinning disc rotating at high speed often has a violent impact and damages the seed embryos, which seriously affects the emergence rate of the seeds.

Rice Seeds

In order to solve the cons of traditional design with the centrifugal spinning disc, such as the inaccurate dosage, uneven spreading, and damage to the seed embryos. XAG JETSEED System has made innovative improvements in the three key mechanisms of agitator, doser, and ejector to protect the seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, and other solid particles can be accurately spread to the desired location

Among them, the quantitative device is the key to accurately control the amount of spreading, and its design is particularly critical. By adjusting the speed of the metering device, the application rate and density can be accurately controlled. Simultaneously, in order to adapt to a variety of spreading scenarios and improve the flexibility of operation, the roller type quantifier device can be disassembled and replaced to adapt to a variety of scenarios based on the user's need.

With the XAG JETSEED System, after the seeds in the particle box pass through the cross mixer, they can effectively separate the agglomerated and sticky particles to ensure the even fall. Then, the seed particles will be evenly distributed into the spreading culvert by the roller dosing device and enter the "high-speed air-jet ejector".

Finally, the seed enters the ejector of the spreading system, and the duct fan inside can generate a high-speed airflow of 18m/s, which quickly expel the particles to the target area through the spread duct.

The specially designed spout can further accelerate the airflow, allow the spreading process more smoothly and not affected by the environment and the air stream of the drone, as well as protecting the seed embryos from damage during the spreading process.

Aerial Seeding by XAG Agricultural UAS

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