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Tocal Field Days

XAG Australia attended Tocal Field Days as first after Covid Restrictions and what a great turnout it was. Record crowds from the previous years and a lot on offer to the local communities from new machinery, tools and can’t forget the freshest in produce from vendors.

On Feild Day we ready for meet people in the industry and showcase Drones
On Field Day we ready for meet people in the industry and showcase Drones

XAG was fortunate enough to have a successful day with demonstrations over the course of 3 Days with almost perfect flying conditions to demonstrate the capabilities of the P30 System in swarm operations whilst our ground-based R150 rover was in automated spraying patterns for the crowds to see.

The updated P30 allowed for a seamless setup with a quick walk around the field with our RTK Rover to map the boundaries for demonstration, showing off how efficient drones can be for the general farmer looking at spraying or seeding with XAG Systems.

Demonstration of two aircraft operating at the same time
Demonstration of two aircraft operating at the same time

Attendees to Tocal Field Days were able to get hands-on with our equipment talking to our sales and tech team running through the best approach for them to implement this technology within their farm or business. The latest in technology allows for the highest efficiency in spot spraying of obnoxious weeds that are destroying crops and causing lower yields or baiting of mice through the spreading system.

The latest in ground rover systems the R150 showed great interest from all parties that attended showcasing the automation in spraying of runs, slashing options, or even using for carrying material from shed to field and back again eliminating the requirement for heavy manned machinery in smaller operations.

R150 is one of the highlights of our show that day, and also the star of the Field day

Our IoT system was also on display showcasing an easy to integrate product into the everyday household for capturing important data such as Weather, Wind, Humidity, Soil Temperature, Moisture levels, and conductivity levels for the best approach to finding out the health of the crops in the area.

Overall the day was a success and a great way for us to show that we are dedicated to all aspects of Agriculture with the latest and greatest inefficient technology for the industry.

If you would like to find out more about our systems, please be in contact with us at


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