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XAG Australia Operation Safety Notice - 10/Jan/2023


XAG Australia had received several feedback that Multiple P100 System is experiencing positioning issues.

The recent Solar Flare may cause magnetic interference and affect the RTK Positioning dependent on Satellites,

Our Sun recently produced the second strongest solar flare (X1.98) of the current Solar Cycle.

For your operation safety, please pay extra attention while UAV is in the air, having ACS2 always in hand and ready to take over for unexpected performance.

XAG Australia would like to recommend the following measures to be taken place.

  1. Choose a wide and open area for the UAV to take off / land.

  2. Give extra safety distance while mapping boundaries and obstacles.

  3. Double–check boundary/obstacle points before taking off stage to ensure points are accurate.

More details:

Huge solar flare erupts on the sun from 'hyperactive' sunspot

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