UK Government: Launching XAG UAS to fight epidemic

In order to cope with the worst public health crisis in Britain in the past 100 years, the British local government decided to use Chinese drones for epidemic prevention and elimination. As the main force of drone disinfection in domestic epidemic prevention and control in China, XAG will provide solutions and technical support for emergency service personnel of 48 police station drone units and 100 fire departments, contributing to the global epidemic prevention and control power.

Earlier, the Great Manchester Police Force (GMP) in the United Kingdom conducted a careful analysis of the case of XAG P- series agricultural drones in China, and invited Harper Adams University, a top UK automation engineering institution, to provide demonstration guidance. Engineers and scientists of Harper Adams University have many aspects from the autonomous flight, spray efficiency, effective spray range, positioning accuracy, atomizing particle size and structural strength of the Pfeiffer P series agricultural drones. The man-machine carried out a detailed comparison, research, and testing, and finally determined that the XAG Agricultural UAV be the most suitable unmanned equipment of the British epidemic prevention operation.

The waterproof and dustproof design of the XAG P-series Agricultural drone can adapt to the complicated and volatile climate environment in the UK, and it is convenient to directly clean the fuselage after the operation. In addition, the fully autonomous flying of agricultural drones can meet the needs of the British police for safe flight and precision spraying equipment. In the face of a huge public health crisis, XAG Agricultural UAVs can automatically and accurately spray and disinfect in severely infected areas, reducing the risk of emergency personnel being infected by the virus.

In addition, at the beginning of the outbreak, XAG quickly responded to relevant organizations and launched the "Spring Thunder", convened more than 2,600 drones in China, and completed 902 million square meters of disinfection operations in 20 provinces, accumulating relevant experience. In response to the needs of government departments in South Korea, Vietnam, and other countries, XAG also carried out drone killing operations for local schools and government office areas, providing valuable technology and experience for epidemic prevention in various countries around the world. One of the reasons why the British government chose XAG As the project leader Jonathan Gill said, "We are very willing to follow the steps of scientific epidemic prevention in China and use drone spray disinfection to help curb the spread of the new Covid-19 virus in the United Kingdom. Currently, we are working with the United Kingdom Health and Safety The Bureau of Health (HSE) is working closely to resolve social problems caused by the epidemic as quickly and efficiently as possible. "

The occurrence of the new Covid-19 epidemic once again shows that human beings are a community of shared destiny. Science and technology are the keys to combat this global epidemic. While Chinese science and technology helped the domestic epidemic to improve in China, it also injected strong confidence into the world's fight against epidemics. XAG will continue to work closely with global partners to provide technical support and solutions to contribute to the maintenance of international public health security.


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