IFC16 Farm Camera

IFC16 Farm Camera is an HD image acquisition device in the XIoT System. It records a thorough process of crop growth. It's able to provide supporting data for crop growth analysis and product traceability.




HD Images

Megapixel HD images, presenting every detail of crop growth along the way

Water and Dust Proof

Withstanding adverse weather outdoors, remain functional despite being in a storm or a desert

Real-time Data Synchronize

images updates every 30 minutes, and will be synchronized to the cloud in real-time via the 4G network

High Capacity Battery

Built-in 12000mAh high capacity battery, sustainable for 14 days under cloudy weather


GPS Positioning

Users can learn the location of the device intuitively through the map, which is convenient to manage multiple devices at the same time


Dimensions & Weight

Operational Temperature

USB Charging and Battery Capacity

Field of View

Focus & Pixel

Sensor Type

Max. Image Resolution

Protection Rating

67.2*67.2*148 mm & 596g


5V~2A / 12000mAh

Diagonal 95°

3.8mm & 16m



IP 65

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