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Issue Of The Week –The phone is disconnected from LNT WIFI during mapping

Scenario Example:

The client used ACS2G for field mapping. Due to the large field size, the connection between LNT's WIFI and the mobile phone weakens as he gradually holds the mobile phone and ACS2G away from LNT. At about 100 meters, the mobile phone completely loses the WIFI connection of the LNT and cannot continue to add points due to the range limitation between the LNT and the phone is around 100 meters.


  • On the phone, the LNT's WIFI signal is weak.

  • ACS2G cannot pinpoint its location due to out-of RTK positioning.

  • Press the 'A' button of ACS2G and no point is added to the app.

Suggested Solution:

  1. Ensure the ACS2G has entered mapping mode by pressing and holding Smart Mode Button until RTK Status Indicator is solid green, then connect the phone to ACS2G's WIFI.

  2. Back to the XAG One App and then add boundary/obstacle points.

  3. After the mapping is finished, connect the mobile phone back to the LNT’s WIFI to save the mapping.

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