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Issue Of The Week 1 Y2023 - All Devices Show Offline Under LNT Mode

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Scenario Example:

The client paired and tested his devices online at his home office, but all his devices went offline when he was in the field. Both Wi-Fi and Mobile data are enabled on his Android phone.


  • All devices are offline on the Device page

  • Devices were working/online at the initial location

  • Mobile data or Wi-Fi Assistant is enabled

Suggested Solution:

  1. Turn on the flight mode on the Android phone and then only enable Wi–Fi.

  2. Ensure the firmware version of LNT is V1.0.0.31 and XAG One APP is V3.10.16. If the LNT firmware version is older than V1.0.0.31, please refer to the update notice via the URL below. XAG LNT FIRMWARE UPDATE NOTICE - 30/11/2022 ( If the XAG One APP is not V3.10.16, please download and install the correct version via XAG Australia – App Download, URL as below. App Download | XAG Australia | Android | XAG Agri | XGEOMATICS

  3. Restart LNT first, and then restart the other devices (UAV, RTK, ACS2). Ensure the Android phone is connected with LNT WIFI after reboot.

  4. Enable the LNT’s WAN Mode and connect with the external Hotspot. XAG Australia has noticed that some Android phones have a feature called Wi-Fi Assistant (or Wi-Fi plus across different brands). This will automatically select and connect to a better Wi-Fi or 4G connection, interrupting the LNT Wi-Fi connection. Please disable it if the device has that feature.

If the steps above can’t resolve the issue, please continue with the steps below:

5. Press the aircraft icon on the Device page, then go to the Communication System page. Start the Network Safety Diagnosis.

If the result of the network diagnosis is normal, you will see the network delay and the green mark. If the network diagnosis failed, you will see the errors of IoT communication failures along with permission denied.

  • If the network diagnosis fails and all devices are still offline, please delete all devices from the device list. Add all devices one by one and check if they are online.

  • If the network diagnosis is normal but all devices are still offline, please contact XAG Australia Technical Support via

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