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Issue Of The Week2 Y2023 -Failed To Upload The Route -The Drone Must Be Operated Within Visual Range

Scenario Example: The client changed to a new Android phone. When he used that phone for the first time to operate, the drone could not take off when he clicked 'start operation' because of APP's message prompt: Failed to upload the route (10102) The drone must be operated within visual range.


  • The route cannot be uploaded.

  • The location service of the Android phone is OFF.

Suggested Solution:

Step 1 :

  • Turn on the 'Location' of your phone.

  • How to enable 'Location': Go to 'Settings' on the phone, browse the page and then click on 'Location'.

  • Then enable the function called 'Location' like the screenshot shown below (the naming of the feature may vary across different brands).

Step 2 :

  • Allow the XAG One APP to access the location information while using the APP.

  • How to enable: Settings > Apps > App Management > XAG One > Permissions > Location (The naming of the functions may vary across different brands)

  • Ensure 'Allow only while using the app' and 'Use precise location' are enabled, the screenshot is shown below.

Step 3:

Restart the XAG ONE APP.

Step 4:

Try to restart the operation as normal.

Step 5:

If the issue still occurring, please contact XAG Technical Support via

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